Jelly Belly Cookie Tutorial

May 6, 2015

Cookie decorating is the perfect craft for kids!  It’s easy, cute and a ton of fun!  Especially when you decorate them with Jelly Belly Beans!

Recently I held a Mother’s Day Garden Party and our mommy/daughter activity was decorating Flower Cookie Pops with Jelly Belly Jewel Beans.  I pre-baked all the cookie pops using my sugar cookie recipe and then I frosted them with a thick royal icing (find that recipe here).  While the icing was STILL WET I decorated them with various colors of Jelly Belly Beans.

Jelly Belly Cookies

I also made cute little place cards using sugar cookies and Jelly Belly Beans.  Cutting the rectangles is super simple, I used a pizza cutter and a ruler!

Jelly Belly Place Cards

Another cute idea for using Jelly Belly Beans…..Use them on Oreos!  I have a mold I use to cover my Oreos in white chocolate but you can also use a skewer (stick it in-between the cookies into the filling).  I waited until they dried and then added a bit of chocolate to the back of each bean to make it stick.  Jelly Belly Beans really do make the cutest flowers!

Chocolate Oreos

Jelly Belly Beans courtesy of Jelly Belly Candy Company

Photography by Vintage Photography

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