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Easy Butterfly Cookies

April 16, 2014

I don’t know what it is, but butterfly cookies have always intimidated me!  I always over-think them.  When I think of butterflies, I think of their delicate, detailed wings  (thus the overthinking).  Trying to duplicate one of God’s most beautiful creatures is close to impossible!

Recently, I was asked to make butterfly cookies, naturally, I cringed.  Ugh!  But then…..a lightbulb…. A few years back I made these beautiful chocolate butterfly cupcake toppers.  It was basically swirly chocolate together.  Super easy and pretty!

Butterfly cupcakes

Why couldn’t I use the same technique I used on the chocolate with royal icing.  I could, I did!  And it worked!  So simple and really, very pretty!

It’s a simple wet on wet technique that anyone can do!  Here’s how:

Sugar Cookies

Bake your cookies!  While they cool make your royal icing, I used a 20 second icing.  You can find my basic recipe here.  Add just enough water to the icing so it falls in 20 seconds.

Butterfly cookies

This is the only tricky part….Do ONE wing at a time.  Flood the base color of one wing first.

butterfly cookies

Then add the darker color outline.

butterfly cookies

Using a toothpick gently drag the darker color into the base color.  Wipe your toothpick frequently so the lighter color doesnt end up in the outline.

butterfly cookies

I added some white nonpareils to the edges to give it something extra.  You could leave them alone or even add some sparkley disco dust!

butterfly cookies

Repeat with the second wing and add your antennae and body.  Ta-Da!  Easy peasy :)

butterfly cookies

Happy Decorating!
XOXO, Auntie Bea


Our Annual Family Easter Egg Hunt

April 7, 2014

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Sweet and Simple Easter Egg Cookies

April 1, 2014

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